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New Stones Just In!



Green Apophyllite

We've been looking for Green Apophyllite for some time, and we're happy to tell you that we have finally found some beautiful specimens, small to medium size, at very reasonable prices! Apophyllite is a high energy stone that is clear to light green in color.
It emanates peace - even in the midst of chaos.





Another frequently requested stone is Peridot. We now have amazing green Peridot clusters
in basalt matrix - also at very reasonable prices.
Peridot inspires healing, renewal, purification, and self growth - it is tonic for body & mind!




Pyrite Suns

Back again after several years are rare Pyrite Suns.
These flat round discs look like golden sunbursts and is said to foster intelligence, mental stability and creativity.



Our quantities are limited, so stop by soon to see the collections!